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Chris Broussard & Rob Parker Answer to Kwame Brown's Verbal Attacks on Them

Chris Broussard: “Kwame Brown has been going off on EVERYONE. ‘Kwame’s Revenge’ is what I’m calling it… We got no issues with Kwame and we really didn’t go hard on him. We talked about how we understand after YEARS and DECADES of getting beat up we understand why he’s coming out hard. But here’s what I say; for me, it’s come down to two things. One, Kwame has just degenerated into name-calling. If you look at the criticism that people have hurled at him over the years it’s all been basketball-related. Nobody has gone to his personality, nobody has criticized aspects of his lifestyle, nobody has talked about his personal life, nobody has just flat-out called him names, it’s just about your game. While that might hurt and maybe some people have gone too far, that’s ALL it was about… Here’s my thing. Kwame sounded like he was angry and ready to do something crazy when he first started coming out at people. We said we don’t want this thing to turn violent and turn ugly, and you don’t want these dudes getting in a street fight, but when you constantly talk about people like that at some point people get tired of talking… You say all this stuff about Matt Barnes and now this man says ‘let’s get in the ring and settle it like men’ and you ain’t even mentioned it. Instead of addressing Matt Barnes about wanting to box, you go off on two broadcasters. C’mon man.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard and Rob Parker discuss former NBA player Kwame Brown’s recent string of bizarre tirades that have included him posting long-winded R-Rated rants blasting media members who have been critical of his career in the past and present.

Brown has gone full scorched earth on popular NBA analysts, hosts, and commentators the likes of Stephen A. Smith, Jemele Hill, Matt Barnes, Gilbert Arenas, and Stephen Jackson, and most recently went after Broussard and Parker.

Check out Chris and Rob’s official response to Kwame in the video above.

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