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Rob Parker: LeBron James Calling Steph Curry the NBA's MVP is 'Ridiculous'

Chris Broussard: “LeBron says that Steph Curry is the MVP.”

Rob Parker: “Yeah, OKAY. Good thing he doesn’t have a vote and good thing the players don’t have a vote on it because this is typical LeBron. I don’t know whether he’s trying to flower him up so that if he loses to Steph Curry he has an excuse, or if he beats Steph Curry he can say ‘I beat the MVP!’ LeBron is the guy who finished a DISTANT second to Giannis a year ago, not even in the same ballpark, who thought HE was the MVP. He didn’t want to go to the All-Star Game, he didn’t like the play-in game, LeBron has been all over the map, and he’s been mostly OFF. This is about as ridiculous as it comes. I don’t have a ballot, but to say Steph Curry is the MVP is ridiculous… People can rip the media all they want but we don’t have a horse in the race. We’re going to give you a better shot and be more honest, NOT make it a popularity contest.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Rob Parker explain why he thinks it was ‘ridiculous’ for LeBron James to proclaim Steph Curry the NBA’s MVP for the 2021 season ahead of their play-in round matchup, saying that it’s just another reason why players should never be allowed to vote for awards.

Check out the video above as Parker details why players can’t be trusted when it comes to voting for their peers.

FULL segment at the bottom of the page.

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