Where and When Aaron Rodgers Will Be Traded Out of Green Bay

Colin Cowherd: “Don’t give me the absolutes that you can’t trade Aaron Rodgers in the season – as if he doesn’t have value… Aaron Rodgers’ value is not going to decrease for teams that are 2-6 in October… If Aaron is going to be a little petty, then Green Bay has a right to be clever. If I’m Green Bay, THIS is when I trade him. Let’s take Denver as the trade partner because that’s the most likely. Don’t give them Aaron Rodgers NOW. Don’t give him a training camp, don’t give him an exhibition season, don’t give him home games in that high altitude in September when he starts off 2-0 or 3-0. Trade Aaron 8 or 9 games in at the Trade Deadline. Aaron moves into a tough division, has a rocky first year, and it’s your way of being clever. You don’t want to trade him now to Denver, Denver kicks butt and the draft picks you get are lower in the first round. If you trade Aaron in Week 8 or Week 9 and Denver is 2-4 or 2-5, it ensures Aaron struggles initially and Denver is not a great team, meaning you get the 12th or 13th pick, not the 21st pick. I’m going to demand a first and second-round pick THIS year and player, but the most important thing is the pick is this year because once Denver and Aaron get rolling they're going to be a playoff team, but the first year they won’t be. So that first round pick is a GOOD pick… I would not give Aaron a long runway to have a great first year in Denver.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd predict when and where he believes Aaron Rodgers will be traded, as Colin believes the Packers could see an opening in the near future that would send the 37-year-old, three-time MVP quarterback to another franchise.

Check out the video above as Colin details the plan he would try to pull off if he were the GM of the Packers.

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