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Why We Won't See Deshaun Watson in the NFL Until 2023 at the Earliest

Why We Won't See Deshaun Watson in the NFL Until 2023 at the Earliest
Ben Maller: “If you look at the timeline on Deshaun Watson, barring a drastic sea change, Deshaun Watson will not be playing in an NFL game until the very minimum 2023. That’s the EARLIEST. If everything plays out the way it’s playing out he’s done until at least 2023. Now how did I get to that point? He’s going to be put on the Commissioner’s Exempt List likely in the next month before training camp opens up. That means he will be out for the balance of the 2021 season while this is adjudicated. Depositions are set to begin in September when the NFL season gets going. Twenty-two women have made these allegations and the wheels of justice turn slowly. The 22 women will be giving their depositions in September of 2021 and it’s going to take a long time. Watson is not scheduled to give his sworn deposition until February 2022. That eliminates the entire 2021 NFL season. A trial date would be sometime in May or June of 2022, which means the trial would through June and some of July. Training camp opens in July. The NFL does not give out ‘time served’, which means when the trial happens, if Deshaun Watson is found guilty in the civil court – and the standard is much lower in a civil court than a criminal court – then the NFL has to punish him. That takes you to training camp and then a minimum of eight games and likely a season suspension. You do the numbers and you’re looking at likely a 2022 season being wiped away if this is only a civil manner, and then he can come back in 2023. That’s assuming Watson is not facing criminal charges, as if he's found guilty of that, that would end his career for all intents and purposes.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller explain why he thinks we may not see Deshaun Watson in the NFL until the 2023 season at the EARLIEST, as Maller details the timeline of events that Watson will likely have to undergo as he tries to overcome sexual assault allegations from 22 different women.

Check out Maller’s take on the potential series of events unfolding above.

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