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Colin Cowherd Says He Was Right About Tua Not Having a Bright NFL Future

Colin Cowherd: “I’ve got my doubts on Tua. Five picks in one practice last week. I know it’s a practice and it was raining, but the last four things we have heard on Tua who I’m a cynic of – the last four times he’s been in the news; benched for Ryan Fitzpatrick, three picks against the Bills, admitted he didn’t know the playbook very well, and now five picks in a practice. I think he’s a good kid but you have to design a play and it has to work perfectly for the play to work with Tua. I don’t see the ‘special’ with his arm, his size, or his athletic ability. Your ‘special’ can’t be accuracy, that’s a foundational piece that a quarterback needs. It’s like saying a running back has ‘speed’, you kind of HAVE TO have a little speed.”

Listen to Colin Cowherd discuss last week’s news of Tua Tagovailoa throwing five interceptions during Dolphins practice, and how it’s just more reason why Colin’s original prediction of Tua not having a very bright future in the NFL is slowly coming true.

Check out the full video above.

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