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Clay Travis: Scottie Pippen is a 'Pathetic Fraud' For Ripping Phil Jackson

Clay Travis: "Scottie Pippen has gone off the deep end. I don’t know what happened with Scottie Pippen, maybe he’s got migraines again… Scottie Pippen said that Phil Jackson is ‘racist’… Scottie Pippen is a FRAUD. It’s so incredibly in vogue to call any old White guy a racist that Scottie Pippen is following the charge here. If Phil Jackson is racist then he’s the most successful ‘racist’ basketball coach since Adolf Rupp. This is such an outlandish and absurd allegation to make, especially at this point in time, years and years after we had already seen everything taking place with the Chicago Bulls. It’s pathetic on Scottie Pippen’s part and Phil Jackson deserves better. I’m curious to know if any other Bulls will find the need to step up and defend Phil Jackson from these accusations, but it’s just absolutely ridiculous.”

Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage ripped Scottie Pippen for Pippen’s scathing comments on The Dan Patrick Show earlier this week when he said Phil Jackson was ‘racist’ for not calling a play for Pippen in the final seconds of a 1994 NBA Playoff game against the New York Knicks.

Jackson wanted Pippen to inbound the ball with just 1.8 seconds remaining on the clock. Taking place during Michael Jordan’s first retirement, Pippen was the best player on the team, but Jackson called for Toni Kukoc to take the final shot. Pippen infamously refused to enter the game after Jackson drew up the play during the timeout just seconds before and sat on the bench as the ensuing play unfolded. Kukoc made the buzzer-beating shot to down New York in that game, but the Knicks would later finish off the Bulls to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals.

Check out the video above as Clay calls Pippen ‘pathetic’ and a ‘fraud’ for making the eye-opening viral remarks.

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