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French Police Arrest Woman Who Caused Horrific Crash During Tour de France

The woman responsible for causing a major crash during the first stage of the Tour de France on Saturday was arrested following a four-day manhunt.

"The woman was alone at Saturday's event, but witnesses have helped to find her, "a police source told the Daily Mail. "She is being interviewed at length in order to get her side of the story before further details are released."

The woman was standing near the side of the road holding a large sign and struck Germany's Tony Martin as he rode past. Martin fell off his bike, sparking a chain-reaction crash that left 21 riders injured.

The woman fled the scene before authorities arrived and was thought to have traveled to Germany.

The 30-year-old spectator was not identified and is being held at a police station in Landerneau on charges of involuntarily causing injury. She faces a fine of up to $1,700, which could be increased if Martin or any of the other racers decide to press charges. She is also facing a lawsuit from the organizers of the Tour de France.

Saturday's crash was the first of many during the early stages of the race. The large number of collisions on the dangerous course is concerning the racers, who stopped the race for one minute in protest during the fourth stage. 

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