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Russell Wilson: Offseason Drama With Seahawks Was 'Blown Out of Proportion'

Dan Patrick: “We had the interview February 9th. When you hung up the phone with me that day what was the reaction like the rest of the day to what you said?"
Russell Wilson: "I would say the NEXT DAY it got sort of interesting more than anything else.”
DP: “How long does it take before the Seahawks call you after the interview with me?”
Russell: “I don’t know, maybe a couple hours probably."
DP: “It felt like you wanted, or welcomed the opportunity to get this off your chest. Is that fair?”
Russell: “No, I think that more than anything else we just had a dialogue, a conversation, and I think it was definitely blown out of proportion in terms of the moment and what it became. It was a little unfortunate I think, more than anything else, but you know what I care about? I care about winning and that’s what I want to do... It's been a great offseason."
DP: “Is your relationship different with the Seahawks?”
Russell: “I would say it’s stronger. Me and Pete have gotten even closer. We’ve always been super close so. Pete and I, we’ve always had a great bond but I think we got to have a great heart-to-heart. He’s got goals, I have goals, we want to do great things… I think me and Coach Carroll’s relationship is stronger than ever and I think that’s the best part about it. We're pumped about the season."

Listen to Russell Wilson join The Dan Patrick Show to open up about his memorable interview with Dan on February 9th, 2021 that triggered a wave wild of speculation into Wilson’s future with the Seahawks.

Russell told DP seven months ago that he wants to be 'involved’ in the team’s personnel decisions, but also added that he believed the team was ‘taking calls’ on trade offers involving the 8-time Pro Bowler.

The interview would go viral, with many in the NFL media wondering if Wilson had possibly admitted that he could potentially be forcing his way out of Seattle if they didn’t meet his demands, and was using the DP interview for leverage.

Wilson and Aaron Rodgers quickly became two of the biggest storylines of the NFL’s offseason, as Hall of Famers who wanted to pull a ‘Tom Brady’, and switch over to organizations who would fulfill their needs more readily.

Check out the video above, however, as Wilson discusses the interview last February and tells Dan that the entire thing was ‘blown out of proportion.’

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