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Why Aaron Rodgers Will Be Traded at This Year's NFL Trade Deadline

Colin Cowherd: “Aaron Rodgers is moody when he’s HAPPY, he’s aloof when he’s HAPPY, what’s this year going to be like?? This was never an ideal fit, Aaron and Green Bay. Even in the good times it wasn’t ideal. He’s very much a contrarian thinker, he’s very much an independent thinker, he’s ‘California Cool’, and they wear cheese hats in their 50’s. It wasn’t ideal and what’s it going to be like now?? I’ll be on an island but I do believe that he lost a little bit of trust with his coach, Matt LaFleur, although he would never say it publicly. In the last play he had in Green Bay the coach took him off the field to kick a field goal against Tom Brady. ‘Trust’ is hard to repair. I think often times he prioritizes staying healthy. He’s not happy, wouldn’t you prioritize throwing the ball away, taking a knee, and sliding early? The last thing you want to do is get hurt in Green Bay. I wouldn’t blame him, I’ve been there with jobs; you start prioritizing the NEXT place. That doesn’t mean you’re not very committed to your craft, it’s just human to do that. I’m on an island but I’ll say this: nobody believes the trade will happen during the season but it’s very unique. What if Jordan Love is pretty darn good in the preseason? He should be, this is a good o-line, a solid head coach, star receivers, and star back. What if Drew Lock struggles in the AFC West? Yeah, that’s GOING to happen. What if Aaron is a little condescending, not ‘all in’, and the temperature in the room is a little cool and not warm? Look at the schedule on this; if you look at Green Bay’s schedule it tells me it’s very possible that Green Bay is a 6-1 start around the trade deadline. Then you look at Denver’s schedule with Drew Lock. You open up at the Giants, good luck. You’ll beat Jacksonville and the Jets, but then it’s Baltimore, at Pittsburgh, at Cleveland, Washington, at Dallas. Those are losses. The trade deadline is Week 8, keep your eye on Jordan Love looking solid in preseason. Aaron is the kind of guy that could go into a locker room in Denver immediately. Remember, Vic Fangio is GONE if he’s under .500 so there’s some urgency in Denver. Aaron can be a little difficult in the ‘good’ times so what is this going to be like? I do believe that around the trade deadline there will be discussions to move Aaron to the AFC. Denver will be fairly desperate. Many are predicting the Chargers are a Super Bowl team and we know Kansas City is better. You got a young GM in Denver, an old coach, and a quarterback no one truly believes in, so keep your eyes on this stuff. I will say I think Aaron Rodgers getting moved at the trade deadline is a viable move.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd detail a scenario he believes could come to fruition this season in the NFL, as Colin is predicting that there could be a legitimate trade market for Aaron Rodgers at the trade deadline that could result in the 37-year-old Rodgers getting dealt to the Denver Broncos during the 2021 season.

Check out Colin’s blockbuster theory above.

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