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Rob Parker Blasts 'Selfish' Jose Altuve For Skipping MLB All-Star Game

Chris Broussard and Rob Parker Blast Jose Altuve For Skipping All-Star Game
Chris Broussard: “Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve don’t wanna face the heat that they might get from other players… It reeks of arrogance and ungratefulness… I would want to be there with all the other great players in the league and that’s why you wonder if indeed it is true that Altuve just doesn’t wanna be around these guys who think he cheated.”
Rob Parker: “It’s awfully selfish of Altuve. It’s an HONOR to be picked for the All-Star Game whether it’s by the fans or by the managers who pick the reserves, and what you do when you don’t accept that honor is you dump on the fans. The All-Star Game is the ‘fans’ game and it’s a chance for the sport to showcase its best players. It’s a big part of the selling of the game, and I think it’s a selfish move when you do that, and you take away from that moment and that night. When you’re the best of the best in the league you owe it to your organization to represent them, and owe it to your fan base… Shame on those guys who don’t recognize it, and don’t understand that these are cherished moments that you can’t get back. And it ain’t automatic, Altuve, you can think to yourself ‘I can go to an All-Star Game anytime!’, but you might get hurt and might never make another All-Star team. They might stop banging on garbage cans for you!” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Rob Parker and Chris Broussard discuss the news that Astros infielders Carlos Correa and Jose Altuve will be skipping the upcoming Major League Baseball All-Star Game because of personal reasons.

Correa said his wife is currently pregnant with their first child and that he wanted to take advantage of the time off to spend time with her, but Altuve pointed to an ‘ailing left leg’ as his reasoning behind skipping the game. This led many to question whether the players were actually just dodging the event because of the uncomfortable embarrassment that would follow them around relating to their infamous 2017 and 2018 cheating scandal.

The Astros have become perhaps the biggest villains in MLB history in the eyes of most baseball fans outside of Houston, and many MLB stars the likes of Mike Trout, and Aaron Judge have been very vocal in condemning what the Astros players took part in with their illicit sign-stealing operation.

Check out the audio above as Rob and Chris call the players out for ‘arrogance, ungratefulness, and selfishness’, and wonder if they simply didn’t want the drama and humiliation of facing their peers in close contact.

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