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'It's Not Cute': Chris Broussard Blasts Passive-Aggressive Aaron Rodgers

'It's Not Cute Anymore': Chris Broussard Rips Passive-Aggressive Aaron Rodgers
Chris Broussard: “I’m sick of it. I’m sick and tired of it. Aaron Rodgers needs to come out and GIVE SOME CLARITY. I’ll give him three options. ‘I want a trade’ -- demand a trade. If you want out of Green Bay just demand a trade! Enough of this vague stuff, enough of this playing around, laughing, and smiling, IT’S NOT CUTE ANYMORE. It needs to be put to bed so either demand a trade or say ‘I’m going back to the Packers' or just say you ‘don’t know yet’, and just say you’re thinking it over. Do ONE of those three things because this stuff is foolishness. It ain’t cute, it ain’t savvy, it’s not making the situation any better, and it’s not taking your teammates into any consideration whatsoever. I’ve had it, he needs to speak with some clarity. This is bogus what he’s doing.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard explain why he thinks Aaron Rodgers needs to put up or shut up when it comes to discussing his future with the Green Bay Packers and stop this obnoxious charade of passive-aggressiveness public zingers directed towards the Packers.

Rodgers still has not made any sort of public commitment to playing for the Packers in 2021 and used TNT’s ‘The Match’ broadcast to mockingly rub that fact into the faces of the Green Bay organization.

Check out the audio above as Broussard calls out Rodgers for his childish off-season behavior.

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