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Doug Gottlieb: Athletes May Start to Use 'Mental Health' as a Fake Excuse

Doug Gottlieb: Athletes May Start to Use 'Mental Health' as a Fake Excuse
Doug Gottlieb: “There is a new unquestioned leader in the clubhouse for excuses and explanations that can not and will not be questioned… It’s not to say that what Aaron Rodgers is experiencing or going through isn’t valuable or isn’t real, but now anytime you don’t want anybody to question what you’re doing in the offseason you just go ‘hey, I was just handling my mental health.’ There are two parts to it; you do want athletes to take care of their mental health, this is not meant in any way to diminish that, but one of the things that have allowed the great athletes of all time to be the great athletes of all time is they’re able to somehow maintain their focus, maintain their confidence, and maintain their own level of mental health while the rest of us who just aren’t as strong mentally and emotionally can’t do it… I do think that there are legit reasons, but I think that the ‘mental health day’ is the new ‘hey, I got a family thing.’ Most times it’s legitimate, but not always is it.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb discuss Aaron Rodgers' recent press conference that detailed his need for a ‘mental health’ adjustment, as Rodgers talked about his volatile offseason that went from him winning the NFL MVP to potentially being traded out of Green Bay.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb says he believes athletes across all sports may begin taking advantage of the ‘mental health’ tagline as a way to excuse their real disinterested and malingering feelings and get out of accepting accountability.

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