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The Consequences of Student-Athletes Profiting From Name, Image, & Likeness

Doug Gottlieb: “My belief has been for a long time that all of these ‘name, image, and likeness’ benefits you get as soon as you’re done playing… I saw Joe Burrow tweet out ‘this is great for the non-scholarship athlete…’ Who is going to pay money to a non-scholarship athlete for name, image, and likeness?? I don’t think people see it realistically. The rich will get richer, and the poor will get poorer, that’s the way capitalism works… I don’t know how you keep the lights on with some of these smaller sports because there are going to be fewer donations. If I’m a business, why would I donate a million dollars to a university when I can just buy the running back?... The question today was what former college athlete would make the most money today? Brian Bosworth today is still a name, he does that Dr. Pepper ad. Is it because of his time in the NFL with the Seattle Seahawks? No, it’s because of the legendary status and image he created while playing at the University of Oklahoma. Why does Tim Tebow keep getting opportunities? Because of what he did at Florida. My argument is that athletes have benefitted exponentially from ‘name, image, and likeness’ already, just not during their time in college.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb detail some of the untold consequences of the new ‘Name, Image, and Likeness’ rules that will now allow NCAA athletes to profit off themselves while still being a student-athlete enrolled in school.

The rule has mostly been celebrated by current and former players, and most fans as well, but check out the audio above as Gottlieb explains his argument on why the landmark decision could end up backfiring in a catastrophic way.

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