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Doug Gottlieb on Scottie Pippen: 'You Sound like the Dumbest Guy on Earth'

Doug Gottlieb: “In an effort to be liked and respected, neither is happening… I don’t think you know how staining the term ‘you’re a racist’ is, especially to someone who isn’t… Scottie sounds like an idiot… All this does is expose Scottie Pippen as a TERRIBLE TEAMMATE and not accountable for his own actions. It makes me think even more of Michael Jordan and even less of Scottie Pippen… He made outlandish claims. What are you even talking about Scottie, you’re talking out of you’re a** and sound like the dumbest human being on earth. Somebody tackle him and stop him from doing these ludicrous interviews…. You gotta say ‘yeah, this bourbon I’m selling? I’ve been drinking it all morning!’ If you don’t give him the ball or make him feel like Batman, he’s going to take his stuff and go home and call you a racist.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb call out Scottie Pippen for the interview he did on The Dan Patrick Show earlier this week when Pippen shockingly called former Bulls head coach Phil Jackson out for being a ‘racist’ because of a 1994 NBA Playoff game vs. the New York Knicks when Jackson called a last-second play for Bulls teammate Toni Kukoc and not Pippen, who at the time was the team’s best player while Michael Jordan was retired.

Pippen infamously refused to re-enter the game with 1.8 seconds left, and Kukoc, of course, received the inbounds pass and drilled the game-winning buzzer-beater.

Check out the rant above as Gottlieb says Pippen sounds like the ‘dumbest human being on earth’ for such a bizarre claim on the heels of his book release.

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