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The Real Reason No NBA Team Has Hired Becky Hammon as Their Head Coach

The Real Reason No NBA Team Wants to Hire Becky Hammon as Their Head Coach

Doug Gottlieb reading from a June 28th, 2021 Bleacher Report article on Becky Hammon: ‘Hammon impressed Portland officials and was generally liked among Blazers staffers, sources said. But when Portland reached out for intel from San Antonio figures, the background on Hammon was not nearly as complimentary pertaining to various aspects of day-to-day coaching responsibilities. That sentiment has been echoed by sources around the league. Blazers personnel then cast doubt that Hammon was the candidate to steer the ship through such delicate waters with Lillard’ – Jake Fischer of Bleacher Report

Gottlieb: “I don’t think she’s taking over for the Spurs. I’ve heard that she’s not a great head coaching candidate. Everyone else from the Spurs has been poached, and there’s a reason she hasn’t been poached. That’s the first reporting I’ve seen on it from Bleacher Report. I’ve heard it and I think everybody has heard it and no one says it because what they’ll say is ‘wElL iT’s sExIsT iN nAtUrE!’ – no, it’s not. People want her to be good enough to be a head coach -- they don’t view her as good enough, that’s it. If you’re going to walk into THAT [Portland], you better know how to manage people. The reality is, she was a very good player, but if she can’t manage whatever her responsibilities are with the Spurs, what leads people to believe that she can manage this situation? Oh, by the way, Damian Lillard has to buy in, and the thought was Chauncey Billups and Damian Lillard. Chauncey Billups is like one of the five guys on earth who can go ‘look bro, I’ve been exactly where you are, here is what we’re going to do together.’ If you’re going to hire Becky Hammon, you better know that she’s great. You call San Antonio and they’re like ‘ehhhhh, yeahhh, no.’ The thing that is harder than hiring Becky Hammon is FIRING Becky Hammon. If you fire the first female coach in NBA history, good luck. I don’t even know that that’s a big of deal as the fact of when they called San Antonio there wasn’t like a ‘you should hire her! She’s awesome!’ NOT what anybody’s heard.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t think long-time San Antonio Spurs assistant coach Becky Hammon has made history yet as the first female head coach in NBA history, as Gottlieb discusses a recent report in Bleacher Report about the underwhelming feedback the Spurs gave inquiring teams about Hammon.

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