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Sports Attorney Breaks Down the Legal Challenges Trevor Bauer Faces

Dan Lust: “If you asked me ‘who is more likely to get suspended by their respective league?’ I actually think it’s Bauer. Not to say either will necessarily, I just think Bauer is in a little bit of a slippery situation. Deshaun Watson’s is a ‘he/said, she/said’ ordeal, there is no video evidence so it’s kind of just what one person said versus what the other person said. Meanwhile, on the Bauer stuff, it’s a little trickier. There are certain things that you legally cannot consent to. There’s an allegation that this alleged victim was unconscious for a period of time – there are certain things that you cannot consent to while unconscious. Bauer’s defense to this point seems to be ‘everything was consensual', so there’s a difference between what’s ‘consensual’ between two adults and what’s consensual in the court of law. Bauer’s situation is a little bit trickier, so if you ask me, I think Bauer is that much more likely to be suspended than Watson. It’s a messy situation that I do not think will be resolved soon.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to sports attorney Dan Lust join The Doug Gottlieb Show to explain why he believes Trevor Bauer faces a more much challenging legal fight than Deshaun Watson, as both players face daunting defenses from disturbing allegations of sexual misconduct.

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