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Clay Travis: Deshaun Watson Receiving 'Black Privilege' in Media Coverage

Clay Travis: “Trevor Bauer was immediately suspended by Major League Baseball based on one allegation. To my knowledge, 22 different women have accused Deshaun Watson of sexual assault, and the NFL still hasn’t done a thing to Deshaun Watson. How is it that Trevor Bauer get suspended immediately based off one allegation, and nothing has happened to Deshaun Watson based on over 20 allegations? How can you reconcile the treatment of Trevor Bauer while also recognizing what’s going on with Deshaun Watson? We got a serious case of ‘privilege’ going on with Deshaun Watson. ‘Quarterback privilege’, ‘Black privilege’, nobody is talking about that. Deshaun Watson might be, who knows, the Jeffrey Epstein or Bill Cosby of the NFL. Trevor Bauer is already suspended and his career with the Dodgers may be over. Precedent matters, decide what the policies are and apply them evenly no matter what the consequences.”

Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage says he believes Texans quarterback Deshaun Watson has received a substantial amount of ‘privilege' when it comes to the media’s coverage of his 22 sexual assault allegations, as well as his avoidance of any punishment at the hands of the NFL, as Clay says Dodgers' starting pitcher Trevor Bauer hasn’t been so lucky.

Check out the video above as Clay details the double-standard he believes is going on with two of the biggest sports stories in recent memory.

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