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Why It's Now a Fact that Aaron Rodgers Will Return to Packers this Season

Colin Cowherd: “Wasn’t ‘The Match’ kind of fun, chill, and jokey? If Aaron Rodgers was going through a real divorce you think all the guys would joke about it? Wouldn’t you offer more sympathy than pokes in the ribs? First of all, we didn’t get any grand announcement, Aaron isn’t going to make any grand announcement at a celebrity golf event that steals the thunder from the event. Aaron wears his feelings on his sleeve and he was chill, laughing, relaxed, and was probably reveling in some of this… If this was serious and he was breaking up don’t you think he would call Brady, Mickelson, or DeChambeau and say ‘guys, this is sensitive, can we kind of just be cool about it?’ That’s what you would do with your guys if you were going golfing and having a divorce. ‘Guys, this brutal, this is exhausting, I can’t take four hours of crap.’ Your guys would offer sympathy Nobody was offering sympathy they were just poking, poking, and poking because Aaron was cool with it. I don’t think Aaron is happy with the situation but here was a big moment where he could have unveiled the truth… This looked too casual, too jokey, and too fun. I think Aaron has come to terms with it, he probably has a year left, I wanted to sign off for the off-season, get this out of my head, take care of me mentally, play a lot of golf, go to Hawaii, and let my hair grow. He looks happy to me, I think he’s come to some resolution with himself, and it’s going to be one more year and then let Jordan Love take over in Green Bay. That’s what it looks like to me.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explains why he thinks Aaron Rodgers’ vague interview during TNT’s broadcast of ‘The Match’ about his future in Green Bay should actually cause Packers fans to breathe a sigh of relief.

Check out the video above as Colin details why.

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