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Clay Travis on Rachel Nichols Vs. Maria Taylor: 'It's the Woke Apocalypse'

Clay Travis: “What we have got going on is a full-bore ‘WOKE Apocalypse’ at ESPN where everybody is terrified that the WOKE universe that they have created is going to come after them whether it’s the president of ESPN, Jimmy Pitaro, whether it’s any of his subordinates who happen to be White guys, they are all running for the hills and they have no idea what to do. The revolution is going to be televised and it is happening right now at ESPN… How does this end? With some of the wokes getting guillotined. All revolutions ultimately turn on themselves… Without external targets – Donald Trump isn’t president anymore, the Senate is controlled by Democrats, the House is controlled by Democrats, Joe Biden is in office; who is the great evil which unites them? There isn’t a target anymore. Rachel Nicholes tried to play the Trump Train here and tried to blame all of the Trump supporters for her problems but they don’t exist anymore. Now Rachel Nichols is suddenly realizing that on the victim ideology pyramid ‘White girl’ ranks below ‘Black girl’ and it doesn’t matter what she says. In the victimization pyramid you get a ‘victim score’, and if your victim score is lower than somebody else’s victim score then they win. Maria Taylor’s Black woman victim is better than Rachel Nichols’ White woman victim and they aren’t aligned against Donald Trump anymore, they’re going to head-to-head for the same job. What Rachel Nichols needs to do is find a White guy to be the victim that she can trump the ‘victim ideology’ on, and that’s what she tried to do. It’s so ridiculous and so transparent… What she found out was ‘White Girl Privilege’ was lower than ‘Black Girl Privilege.’ Ultimately, when you can’t play the victim card against somebody else their victim card trumps you, Maria Taylor dunks on Rachel Nichols, and now Malika Andrews has dunked on Rachel Nichols.”

Listen to Clay Travis of Outkick the Coverage discuss the developing situation at ESPN that has pitted two of their most popular studio hosts against each other after a leaked conversation was made pubic of Rachel Nichols making insensitive comments about Maria Taylor.

The recent New York Times exposé into the scandal has made the story even bigger than the ongoing NBA Finals themselves, with the main headlines of the story focusing on Nichols claiming that Taylor hosted the network’s Finals coverage over her in 2020 only because ESPN was ‘feeling pressure’ to have a Black woman as a host in the shadows of George Floyd’s death and the 'Black Lives Matter' Movement.

Check out the segment above as Clay details why it’s become a battle of who can play the better ‘victim card’, and why ESPN has a full-blown ‘Woke Apocalypse’ going on right now.

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