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Colin Cowherd: Shohei Ohtani is Much Better than Babe Ruth Ever Was

Colin Cowherd: “Baseball should have a new campaign: ‘SHOHEI OHTANI, BETTER THAN BABE.’ Oh, he is, right? You know that, right? He is unbelievable. He’s simultaneously an ace AND the home run king. Babe Ruth has always been a lot of mythology, I’m sorry old heads, it’s true. Did you know this about Babe Ruth? Most people don’t – he started in Boston with the Red Sox as a pitcher and he was very dominant. But in those years with the Red Sox he had 49 home runs in six years, EIGHT a year! He was a pitching story, not a hitting story. ‘oH iT wAs a dEaD bAlL eRa!’ Eight home runs against THAT competition? It must have been some ‘dead’ ball, did it come out of a coffin?? Did they have to go to the cemetery to get the baseballs?? How ‘dead’ was it?? Then he goes to New York and he didn’t pitch. You didn’t know that. He only started two games ever as a Yankee. Shohei Ohtani is doing it simultaneously against global talent, against the world’s best baseball players, in a sport that’s now all about ‘specialists.’ Babe Ruth was 6’2”, a little overweight, and he looked like a giant. Ohtani is 6’4” and on the 40-man Angels roster he’s the fifth-tallest guy on his own team. Babe looked like he was a foot taller than the entire sport! Babe never faced an elite closer, he never faced a cutter, global talent, or specialists. four times a night Ohtani will often face four different pitchers all throwing GAS, 95+. Have you watched baseball? Dudes are cranking now… Babe Ruth faced plumbers, sandwich makers, drywall fitters, and mechanics, it was your second job and you were exhausted coming to the park. Shohei Ohtani faces the world’s best talent and their job is to pitch to two batters in the seventh inning to set up your closer, and he is destroying global talent at the same time. BETTER THAN BABE, and it’s not close. This will offend some of the old heads, but who cares!” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explains why Major League Baseball should adopt a new ‘SHOHEI OHTANI – BETTER THAN THE BABE’ slogan, as Colin makes the argument that the Japanese star is better than perhaps the most legendary athlete in American history, and it’s ‘not even close.’

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