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Cowboys Rookie Buys His Mother a New House With His First NFL Paycheck

Dallas Cowboys rookie linebacker Micah Parsons could have used his first pro paycheck to buy anything his heart desired.

Instead, he made good on a promise to buy his mom a new house.

Parsons posted on Instagram on Saturday a photo of his mom Sherese Parsons giving him a piggyback ride outside of a very nice house in Dallas. He wrote "Welcome mom this. All for you."

The 22-year-old Pennsylvania native made plans to buy his mom a house even before he was drafted into the NFL.

“I want to finally get my own house, clear my mom’s debt, I moved a lot when I was younger and if I could put me and my mother into our own home and have something to call ours, it would be amazing," he told BroBible in April when asked what he'd do with his first check.

Parsons is close with his mom and once told Penn Live that “if we had a million more Shereses, the world would be OK."