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Patriots Player Says Franchise Should Not Honor Tom Brady in Week 4 Reunion

New England Patriots defensive tackle Byron Cowart had some shocking comments about the highly anticipated Week 4 showdown in New England against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in which Tom Brady will return to Gillette Stadium for the first time since he capped off a legendary 20-year run in Foxborough.

When asked about the October 4th game some are billing as one of the biggest games in regular-season history, Cowart quickly shrugged off the significance.

“I mean I ain’t chirpin’, he coming back,” Cowart said. “He’s done a lot of things for this organization, but he’s coming back as an opponent so I’m going to treat it as any opponent.”

Cowart said he didn’t think the Patriots organization would treat it as a ‘welcome back’ game, despite Brady capturing six Super Bowls in New England and winning less than 10 games just once in the 18 full seasons in which he started.

“We ain’t welcoming him back, we just got to play him. It ain’t going to be no damn ceremony for him,” Cowart said. “They might clap for him, but there’s going to be no... bro this is our opponent, like what?? We’d like to win.”

When asked if he thought the organization would be inclined to at least make a video tribute for Brady the same way Indianapolis did for Peyton Manning returned as a Bronco, Cowart still wouldn’t budge on such a scenario.

“It’s still a Boston mentality, we’re not ‘we’, I’m trying to adapt to culture but it’s like blue-collar, hard-working people. Like said, love the guy, he did a lot for the community, the city, but he’s still an opponent.”

Cowart will be entering his third year in the NFL this season in 2021, and was a rookie in Brady’s final season as a Patriot in 2019.

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