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Colin Cowherd Picks Which Damian Lillard Trade Offers Blazers Should Accept

In Tuesday’s episode of The Herd, Colin Cowherd played a game of ‘Dame Time or Lame Time?’ as Colin decides which trade offers he would accept from the list of teams who are reportedly ‘aggressively pursuing’ Lillard in a trade.

Miami Heat

“That feels like DAME TIME. That feels like a legitimate team. They would package a deal for Tyler Herro, a talented young guy who had an off-year, and multiple draft picks. Jimmy Butler and Dame fit together, one is a star scorer who is not a great a defender, and Jimmy Butler gives you both ends of the floor. The Heat were +200 with Butler on the floor and -200 without him, so they’re too Jimmy Butler dependent.”

Sacramento Kings

“LAME TIME. Damian Lillard does not want a rebuild, and the only way you would get Damian Lillard is if you gave up De’Aaron Fox, so Dame has no interest losing basketball games. Portland is better than Sacramento now.”

New York Knicks

“LAME TIME. Any asset you have – RJ Barrett – you would have to give up, so Dame would walk in and have Julius Randle? Like at some point that’s not a championship team if you line him up with Philadelphia’s talent, Boston’s talent, and Milwaukee’s talent.”

Check out the FULL segment above to see Colin’s pick on Lillard trade offers from the Sixers, Rockets, Celtics, and Mavericks.

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