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Why Damian Lillard Will Never Leave Portland

Colin Cowherd: “Damian Lillard has given eight years to the team, he’s been great, he’s a great teammate, everybody loves him, and everybody would love to have him, and there’s going to be a lot of teams wanting to make a trade, nobody doubts that. Are you concerned this morning that Portland is kind of trapped, you’re good, but Dame wants a championship team and you know with the salary cap that there are limitations on what you can do? Are you concerned that Dame may love Portland but may not believe it’s a championship team?”

Enes Kanter: “I don’t think so. I played with Dame two years ago, I played with Dame this year, like I’ve said in many interviews, he’s the most loyal player I have ever seen in the league. I talk to many people, and every time I go to a basketball camp kids are always asking if Dame is going to leave. I don’t think so. I think Dame loves the Blazers and the Portland fans so much, and obviously he wants a championship team, but the one thing he wants is to bring a championship to Portland. That’s what people don’t understand, like he wants to win a championship in PORTLAND. He wants to win a championship like every other player, but he wants to do it in Portland. I don’t think he’s going to leave. He even said it himself, he ‘woke up to all these trades rumors, and it’s not true’, and I don’t think it’s true.” (Full Interview Above)

Listen to Trailblazers center Enes Kanter join The Herd with Colin Cowherd and explain why he doesn’t believe Damian Lillard will ask for a trade out of Portland, as last Friday’s now-supposedly debunked report of Lillard wanting off the Blazers became massive breaking news.

Lillard held a press conference hours after the report went viral simply proclaiming the story ‘wasn’t true’ and saying that he wants to win a championship in Portland.

Check out the video above as Kanter adds more perspective to Lillard’s apparent desires, saying that he believes Lillard is the ‘most loyal player I have ever seen in the league.’

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