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Why the 2021 NFL Offseason Has Tarnished Aaron Rodgers' Legacy

Why 2021 Offseason Proved Why Aaron Rodgers Isn't Greatest Quarterback Ever
Chris Broussard: “I like Aaron Rodgers, he’s an awesome quarterback and one of the all-time greats, but he obviously only has one Super Bowl – APPEARANCE – let alone ring for all his greatness, and that was ten years ago. I’ve always said for as great as he is, he doesn’t have all of the championship ‘intangibles’. He’s not bad with the intangibles but he’s not elite in the intangibles to be one of the ‘ultra-elites’ in the GOAT conversation with Tom Brady and Joe Montana. Tom Brady and Joe Montana got in the GOAT conversation with the ‘intangibles.’ They don’t have the greatest physical skills but they have the intangibles. They’re leaders of men, they’re decisive, and they can command a locker room full of men. This saga is telling me why Aaron Rodgers has only got one Super Bowl ring as great as he is, because this is MADNESS. We haven’t heard a peep from Aaron Rodgers other than giggles and chuckles when he’s on the golf course, or on vacation saying ‘we’ll see what happens!’ MAN, TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR FREAKIN’ DESTINY! BE DECISIVE! COME OUT AND TELL US ‘I WANT OUT! I DON’T WANT TO PLAY THERE ANYMORE!’ Or tell us ‘I will be there in training camp. Yes, we’ve had some issues and I’ve been disappointed by some things but I’m trying to win a Super Bowl.’You got to say SOMETHING. All these whispers and anonymous sources, and all this smiling and giggling; what are you going to do? Training camp starts this week!" (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Chris Broussard rip Aaron Rodgers for his ongoing beef with the Green Bay Packers organization, as Chris thinks Rodgers’ passive-aggressive demeanor coupled with his knack for making veiled shots in public towards coaches and front office members has ultimately hurt his career indirectly.

Check out the audio above as Chris details why this infamous saga has become a microcosm of why Rodgers has only been to one Super Bowl during his career, despite most believing that he’s the most physically talented quarterback in league history.

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