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College Football Coach Storms Off After Cringeworthy Moment With Reporter

Former Dallas Cowboy and current Jackson State football coach Deion Sanders took issue with being called "Deion" by a reporter on Tuesday.

He shut down a reporter Nick Susswith the Mississippi Clarion Ledger who tried to ask him a question after calling him by his first name during the Southwestern Athletic Conference media day event.

"You don't call Nick Saban, 'Nick.' Don't call me Deion," Sanders said, referencing the Alabama football coach. "If you call Nick, Nick, you'll get cussed out on the spot, so don't do that to me. Treat me like Nick." 

Sanders walked out after Suss called him "Deion" a second time.

Suss told the newspaper that he calls everyone by their first name.

"When I interview people, I call them by their first name. Whether it's someone I've been working with for years or someone I'm talking to for the first time," he said.

Sanders also received criticism on social media and from other sportswriters about losing his cool, but the man who's also known as "Prime Time" said it's about respect.

"Respect is something that u must demand & stand for. Give respect & honor those that should be respected & if u don't respect them don't allow your feelings to escalate the situation into something else unhealthy. Always maintain your Peace & Joy because it cost u dearly & don't allow anyone or anything to take that away. Learn to walk away & see another day your way. #Truth," he wrote on Twitter.

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