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The Real Reason Behind the NFL's Strict COVID-19 Vaccine Policies

Dan Patrick: “I don’t think the NFL is trying to make a political statement here; they know better even though that’s what the vaccine discussion has devolved into. They don’t have a great history of player health on their side. The NFL and its owners care about the OWNERS, and the money, and staying on schedule. Go back to last year during the pandemic – Draft: ON-TIME, season: ON-TIME. Eight games were moved last year, not ‘cancelled’, but ‘moved.’ You had college football SEASONS and entire conferences cancelled. That’s not the way the NFL works, that’s a multi-billion dollar business. Money is the priority, and the second priority, and the third priority. The NFL is trying to protect the business, which means pressuring players and teams to get vaccinated. I’m not going to make this a political topic today, this is about business and the reaction here. You choose to get vaccinated or you don’t, it’s up to you, but there are also consequences there. If you don’t want to get vaccinated then they have to take other precautions, and you have to follow different policies… People wanna make this a political moment here. I understand the politics attached to this but this is about financials, that’s all this is. This is about the ‘bottom line’ of a business. People thought ‘would the NFL ratings drop?’ and they didn’t last year, it’s full-speed ahead... This happened in college football as well. Conferences basically said ‘we can’t do anything about this’ and ‘we don’t have the finances and resources to be able to do this’. The SEC HAS the finances and resources and they played right through it, and look where they are right now, they’re ready to add Oklahoma and Texas. I don’t want it to be political, I want it to be about the bottom line because that’s what it is. It’s about MONEY. The NFL is trying to protect the bottom line. These owners lost all of that revenue [last year] when they didn’t have anybody showing up at games. They want to get that revenue back and they don’t want some players getting in the way of that. You will have players that want to make it political, and that’s their right, but you have to understand that this is GREEN, not red and blue. The NFL views this about money, not the right or left.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Dan Patrick discuss the strict recent changes the NFL has made regarding its COVID-19 vaccine policies, as the league is moving forward with new, more punitive regulations that will try to put more pressure on players and coaches that refuse to get vaccinated.

Check out the audio above as Dan details why he doesn’t think these controversial new rules have anything to do with politics – as most COVID topics do – as Dan believes it just comes down to the league making sure it never has to suffer through the financial catastrophes they had to last year during the peak of the pandemic.

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