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Will Ferrell Thinks He Knows Who the Next Coach of USC Football Will Be

USC alum and iconic comedian Will Ferrell joined The Dan Patrick Show this week with quite an interesting take on who he thinks the next head coach of the USC Trojans football team will be.

Just last week former USC Heisman trophy-winning quarterback Carson Palmer went on with Dan Patrick and said that he believes Mike Tomlin could eventually emerge as a major candidate for the job. Despite Palmer never actually stating that Tomlin had been contacted by USC and that there was no official recruitment underway for Tomlin either, it did become a headline story because of Palmer acknowledging his close relationship with the program, and Palmer saying that the school allows him to offer up advice on impending decisions that could involve coaching openings.

Tomlin emphatically denied the viral soundbite from Palmer, even going so far to paint the reports as mocking and disrespectful, saying no one was asking Andy Reid or Sean Payton about the position – although obviously the two were never specifically named by Palmer.

Well, Will Ferrell apparently wants to be responsible for the next viral soundbite hitting social media this week, as Ferrell told DP that he has some insider knowledge on who the job might be going to.

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