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Why Odell Beckham Jr. Washed Out in Cleveland

Colin Cowherd: “Nothing against OBJ but it didn’t really work in Cleveland and you could see it early. Sometimes quarterbacks are better – Dak without Dez, Baker without OBJ. It’s not about collecting talent as Bill Belichick says, you’re building a TEAM. OBJ has a lot of maintenance, a lot of drama, he runs hot, he just wasn’t great for the room, and Baker looked incredibly comfortable last week without him. Eight different receivers, mixed it around, this team never needed OBJ. They have two excellent tight ends, the best offensive line in football in my opinion, Nick Chubb is a stud, Kevin Stefanski is a great play-caller, and between Jarvis Landry and Donovan Peoples-Jones that is an excellent tandem of receivers. You’ve got MORE than enough. It’s not like when you look at Cleveland you go ‘YOU KNOW WHAT THEY NEED? A DRAMATIC WIDE RECEIVER!’ They’ve got two good ones, Baker was comfortable, and they were running the ball. This offense does not need anybody else. Can we stop with this whole thing that more talent is always better? That was Baker’s fifth career game with a 130+ passer rating. Odell Beckham didn’t play in four of them, played in one and didn’t record a catch in that game. The data is there, they were better WITHOUT him.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Odell Beckham Jr. ultimately washed out of Cleveland in one terribly underwhelming tenure with the Browns, as one of the game’s most talented receivers is suddenly unemployed and at a crossroads in his career.

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