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Why Justin Herbert is the Quintessential 'Franchise Quarterback'

Colin Cowherd: “A true ‘Franchise Quarterback’ – an Aikman, a Bradshaw, a Manning, a Brady, can pull parts of the franchise that aren’t great and that are suboptimal. Last night you saw what a franchise quarterback looks like with 23-year-old Justin Herbert. Special teams for the Chargers? Shocker, they were AWFUL. Defense for the Chargers? Disappeared in the fourth quarter. But here’s Justin Herbert, it was remarkable, eight different guys caught the ball, and if you’re sitting there as a GM wondering ‘do we have the right guy?’, well, Justin Herbert, is 6’5”, 235, mobile, and here’s what I love about him: he’s got a huge arm but infrequently shows it off. He’s 6’5”, 230 and can run over most linebackers, but he not only sides, he almost always slides early. He’s Andrew Luck with better football decisions, and his demeanor never changes. He’s never cocky, and he’s never anything other than confident with all these skills, and he makes great choices. Confidence is when you don’t have to tell people how great you are and you don’t have to show off the few assets you have. You go to social media in 2021, 23-year-olds don’t have much but they want to tell you about everything. This kid has EVERYTHING and he never really talks about it. To watch the Chargers special teams implode, their defense vanish, and then they give it to Justin Herbert, with that stadium being 75% Steelers fans, and he marches right down the field. We talk about ‘tractor’ and ‘trailer’, he PULLED a franchise that has a history of botching wins and they were about to botch another one. Herbert runs better than Andrew Luck, has a little better arm than Andrew Luck, he makes better decisions than Luck, and I get the humility of Andrew Luck. You’d watch Justin Herbert and think he is 33 years old, he hasn’t had to grow into this position.” (Full Video Above)

Listen to Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks Justin Herbert is a better version of Andrew Luck, a night after Herbert’s Chargers’ overcame a near-catastrophe to knock off the Steelers in dying moments of the game Sunday night.

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