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LaVar Arrington: Warren Sapp Didn't Lie About 'Disaster' Kaepernick Workout

Warren Sapp on Colin Kaepernick’s workout with the Raiders: “I heard it was a disaster. I heard it was one of the worst workouts ever. I’m wondering how the hell this happened and the tape didn’t get out??"

Jonas Knox: “Mike Florio was offended by Warren Sapp’s criticism, it’s hilarious. He’s been one of the biggest Colin Kaepernick ball washers over the past couple of years in all of sports media. Apparently, Kaepernick is above criticism. If his workout was so great – to Warren Sapp’s point – no footage?”
LaVar Arrington: “I know Sapp pretty well… He ain’t lying. One thing Sapp is not is a ‘liar.’ If you’ve played for an organization you know people in the organization. There’s certain places that you can get information that in other cases you wouldn’t get that information. Sapp played for the Raiders, and Sapp probably has a relationship with a couple people that are in the organization. If Sapp didn’t know, hear, or have a discussion with someone who was in the organization he wouldn’t have even talked about it. Knowing how Sapp is, the reason why Vlad [the interviewer] even asked it was because he was setting up Sapp to be able to talk about something he already had information on, so let’s just be clear on that. The agent [Kaepernick’s agent] can say ‘well, we talked to the Raiders organization and Sapp didn’t’… well, Sapp might not have talked to the people that YOU spoke to but that doesn’t mean he didn’t speak to people in the organization who A) either knew from other evaluators what the evaluation was, or B) directly to the people who were doing the work out and got that information first hand. He’s not making that up.”
Jonas: “The idea that he’s just going to waltz back in after all this time, and if anybody dares say the workout is bad then they immediately get attacked for it… maybe it WAS [bad].”
LaVar: “Listen, it was. I have no knowledge of it, I just know that Sapp wouldn’t have said it if that’s not the report that he got from somebody that was close to it. It’s safe to say that the workout was terrible.” (Full segment above)

Listen to LaVar Arrington, Brady Quinn, and Jonas Knox discuss Warren Sapp’s recent Colin Kaepernick quote that went viral this week, as the one-time Raiders player said that he heard Kaepernick’s workout with the Raiders was ‘one of the worst workouts ever.’

Check out the segment above as LaVar details why Sapp wouldn’t lie about something like that and says that former players always have sources of inside information within the franchises they used to play for.

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