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Brian Kelly's Tough Start at LSU

Florida State v LSU

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Following a week 1 loss to Florida State and now an exchange of jabs with a tardy beat writer, 2 Pros and Cup of Joe wonder how Brian Kelly is feeling about his start at LSU.

Jonas Knox: "Do you think Brian Kelly was okay with this or do you think he had a red ass about it afterwards?"
Brady Quinn: "Oh, he felt disrespected. I mean, he is the $90 million man now. He doesn't need to deal with this. The guy just signed a $90 million contract. I'm sure he was looking at the play the field and he was like, 'This is what you guys give me to work with, with $90 million? This is the performance?'"
LaVar Arrington: "Or he could be looking at it like Ed Orgeron, hahaha."