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Colin Cowherd Calls Out Cowboys: 'They're Bullies Who Seize on the Weak'

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Colin Cowherd: “The Cowboys won 54-19 and everybody in the media is going to lavish them with praise. The Cowboys are always at their best playing the weak or the ‘weakened’, and here came the Colts with an old immobile quarterback, controversy in the organization, and interim head coach; they were a beach ball, and the Cowboys were a Pitbull ready to bounce on it. Do you still trust Mike McCarthy situationally in the playoffs? Or for Dak to have a nine-play drive trailing, and overcoming a pass rush? I don’t. But if you walk into Dallas a little wobbly, they’ll knock you out. They’ve got six or seven elite players and they will play downhill. But for three quarters [vs. Indy], didn’t you ask yourself ‘Colts are bad, they’re on the road, how is this game close??’ Dallas is the schoolyard bully— they seize on the weak and terrified, but when they face top quarterbacks and real pass rushes, when they face playoff teams, or have to go on the road and the margins shrink, that is when I don’t trust Dallas. December and January football gets cold, tight, uncomfortable, coaching matters more, and quarterback play matters more, and right now I feel like there are four teams in this league that feel different… Cincinnati, Buffalo, Kansas City, and Philadelphia. Then there’s San Francisco looking for a quarterback, Minnesota, Miami, and Dallas are just missing something. With Dallas, it’s simple— as you lavish them with praise this morning, haven’t we seen this before? A weak and wobbly team waltzes into Dallas and the Cowboys roll them in a standalone TV game and everybody freaks out. Then in about three weeks they’ll have to go play a playoff team, maybe it’s on the road, it’s uncomfortable, maybe it’s snowing, and they just can’t make the plays late. Take a breath, I think they’re close but I don’t trust them because they have not gotten to an NFC Championship Game in a sport where EVERYBODY, even the Lions are viable. They haven’t gotten there since 1995 so I will believe it when I see it.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he’s not impressed with the Cowboys 54-19 win over the freefalling Colts, as Dallas incredibly outscored Indianapolis 33-0 in the fourth quarter on their Week 13 victory.

Check out the video above as Colin compares the Cowboys to a high school bully who can only look tough when they are targeting the weak and vulnerable.

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