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Emmanuel Acho Calls Out Kyler Murray: 'I Can't Stand the Arrogance'

Emmanuel Acho: “I can’t stand the arrogance Kyler Murray speaks with. What has he done in the National Football League, not in college, in college bad man won a Heisman, but what has he done in the National Football League to speak with that kind of pompous arrogance? Be 7-1 as a starter through 8 games last year and then get hurt, collapse down the stretch, and be atrocious in the playoffs? Be 4-8 so far this season? Be a losing quarterback thus far in his career through four seasons? What has Kyler Murray done so far in his career to speak with that kind of arrogance? Maybe schematically you’re not screwed, maybe YOU'RE screwing the Cardinals, Kyler Murray, because Colt McCoy looked pretty decent in his first start this year when he went out there, offense was running on time. Kyler Murray, maybe it’s not the Cardinals, maybe it’s YOU. Dating back to everybody questioning whether you’re actually committed to playing the game of football, or you’re committed to the game of Call of Duty, maybe it’s not the Cardinals, Kyler, maybe it’s YOU. What frustrates me more than anything is arrogance, and you not having earned the right to be arrogant. That’s why I’m so frustrated with Kyler.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Emmanuel Acho call out Kyler Murray for his postgame remarks after the Cardinals’ Week 12 loss to the Los Angeles Chargers, as Murray notably dropped an ‘f-bomb’ to describe a 4th and 1 play call that ended up leading to an interception and a game-changing Chargers touchdown a few plays later.

Check out the segment above as Acho details why he ‘can’t stand the arrogance Kyler speaks with’, questioning how Murray can be so much pompous with a career resume that is so thin.

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