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Jason Whitlock on Florida Recruit, N-Word Outrage: 'It's Criminally Insane'

Jason Whitlock: “Marcus Stokes, the high school quarterback, four-star recruit, White guy, headed to the University of Florida— he’s rapping some commercial rap song that the hook or the chorus has the words ‘my n-word’ or something in it, he records himself driving and singing the song, puts in on social media, and the University of Florida has stripped this young man of his scholarship. This seems criminally insane to me that an 18-year-old kid singing a song that is put out for everybody to listen to – the whole design of music is to provoke people into singing it – and we’re destroying this young man’s life. Over singing a rap song that everybody else in the country sings? I don’t know what the University of Florida is doing or thinking. I know the social media thing is rigged up and that these coaches and the administration of Florida are in a tough spot because we’ve created this fake, alternate universe world, but this is reprehensible and repulsive. I’ve seen some of his high school teammates and friends that are Black tweeting out like ‘hey man, you got Marcus Stokes all messed up, that ain’t him at all, there’s nothing racist about this dude.’ When is this going to stop? When is the ‘gotcha’, ‘hey you sung a rap song!’, when is that going to stop??... I’ll tell you why they [White people] want to say it [the n-word], it’s because popular culture has made it so popular. You can’t listen to a rap song that isn’t built around that word, and everybody is partying, dancing, singing, and these other guys when they go on concerts, and Kanye singing ‘I ain’t saying she’s a gold digger, but she ain’t messing with no ____’, they all scream it at a concert. It’s a concert filled with White people, and the rappers ask the audience to sing it and say it. It’s human nature. If you see someone appearing to have fun, ‘oh, they’re appearing to be having fun, they’re all screaming the n-word. That looks like fun and they’re making money off it’, it’s going to make people want to do it. My reaction to the whole thing is why does anybody want to say it [the n-word]? Black, White, whatever.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he thinks the fallout around the Marcus Stokes, n-word story is ‘criminally insane’, as the four-star recruit recently had his football scholarship rescinded from the University of Florida this week after Stokes posted a video to his social media singing along to a song that included a racial slur in the lyrics.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks it’s ‘reprehensible’ and ‘repulsive’ that a teenager singing the lyrics of a popular rap song can then suddenly be deemed unfit to play college football at the school who recruited him.

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