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Doug Gottlieb Says Eagles and 'Limited' Jalen Hurts Were Exposed in Week 10

Photo: Scott Taetsch

Doug Gottlieb: “We do our list of top 10 teams and there has not been a week where I listed the Eagles as the number one team even though they had fewer losses up until yesterday than anybody else in the league, and one of their wins was over another team with one loss [Minnesota]. Kirk Cousins is the only reason why the Vikings wouldn’t be ranked no. 1 and here’s the crazy part… If you had to pick for an NFL playoff game— who would you rather have as your quarterback, Jalen Hurts or Kirk Cousins? It’s a nuanced conversation because with the Eagles offense you’d probably take Jalen Hurts because it’s more running, but generally if you ask ‘who would you rather have at quarterback?’, and you ask actual football people, they’d go ‘Well, Kirk Cousins, that’s easy.’ He’s actually won road playoff games before, he’s a far more accomplished passer, he’s been in the league a lot longer, but because ‘non-Primetime Kirk’ is a real thing no fan would choose Kirk Cousins [over Jalen Hurts]. I’ve never bought into the Eagles being some dominant team. I think they have a really good roster, I think they’ve been smart with a young quarterback who doesn’t make any money, so you can spread that money out. You probably overpaid AJ Brown but you can overpay a wide receiver when you’re not paying your quarterback, or running back any money. They’ve actually spent pretty wisely, the questionable spending will be if they re-up with Jalen Hurts for gigantic money and now he’s not nearly as good because you can’t surround him with the players. What happened Monday Night was just the exposure of the Eagles. They’re good but just like the Ravens, when you run that style of offense and you get behind it gets more difficult. When Hurts is forced to throw it gets more difficult. There are just some throws that he doesn’t make, that was why he was viewed as he was viewed, and that’s why they couldn’t do anything in the playoffs. The second-time around or the more tape there is on what they’re doing— this is par for the course, and it’s why many people want the Ravens to evolve offensively. I don’t think they should because I think Lamar is better at what he does than anyone who has ever done it, and even if it has its drawbacks it at least shortens the game and then you gotta win with your defense. Monday night is what the Eagles are. They’re really good when they dominate and have a lead in the first half, run the football, pin their ears back, and get after your passer, but they got beat by a backup quarterback at home when Washington didn’t have their best player, Chase Young. They’ve played a really soft schedule. They did beat the Vikings and they did beat the Cowboys, but the Cowboys had Cooper Rush. I don’t think there is much discernable difference between the Eagles and all the other top teams in the league, and the difference between the Eagles and the top teams in the league when they get to the playoffs is… Jalen Hurts. He’s in his second full year as a starter, he has some limitations as a thrower, he’s a great runner, and checks all the boxes off the field of what you need; this is a tangible thing, not an intangible thing.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Doug Gottlieb explain why he doesn’t trust the 8-1 Eagles in the playoffs as long as Jalen Hurts is their quarterback, saying the previously undefeated Eagles were still flying under the radar the last two months because Hurts can’t be trusted as a dependable passer.

Check out the audio above as Gottlieb details why he doesn’t think the Eagles offense is sustainable, adding that he’d rather have the forlorn Kirk Cousins in a playoff situation.

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