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Colin Cowherd: McCaffrey Trade Could Clear Path For Tom Brady Move to 49ers

Colin Cowherd: “When San Francisco went out and gave up a lot of those picks for Christian McCaffrey, a lot of people who I respect kind of freaked out, ‘OH MY GOSH!’… And my takeaway was: if you want something that is really important, you’re not going to get a break on a Tesla or a stock price -- if you like it, buy it. When San Francisco went and got Christian McCaffrey, has anyone considered they made this for more than just ‘now’, and they did it for Brady? In Tom Brady’s career, what does he like? Veteran pass-catchers. He even liked Antonio Brown. Gronk. It takes him a long time to get comfortable with wide receivers, especially kids. Brady went on his podcast complaining about Tampa not being buttoned up. He made it a point to say it’s not about dropping passes, ‘we’re just not prepared, we’re not buttoned up.’ He said this three or four times. Why? Because it’s happening, it’s frustrating, and it makes it easier to leave. Yes, McCaffrey helps now, but they’re in a very weird quarterback spot in San Francisco. Brady is getting older, his parents are getting older, they’re around the Bay Area… They’ve got Trey Lance, you have no idea if he can play, and Jimmy Garoppolo can but you worry about his health and you worry about if he gets outplayed in big games against a Mahomes, an Allen, or a Burrow, or a Jalen Hurts. Brady has no loyalty to Florida— maybe a tax break. John Lynch knows Brady, Kyle Shanahan knows Brady, and for the record, Kyle Shanahan faced Brady in a Super Bowl, and do you know what Brady ate Atlanta alive doing? Throwing to James White, a running back. I think he had 13-14 catches, a touchdown, and over 100 yards. Shanahan sat and watched that for three and a half hours. He knows Brady and pass-catching running backs are unstoppable. They gave up a lot of picks for an expensive running back with a lot of injuries. I think they did it for NOW but it kind of feels like Shanahan had that in the corner [a picture of Christian McCaffrey], and was like ‘Tommy would like this, Tommy would REALLY like this.’” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he thinks the 49ers made their blockbuster trade for Christian McCaffrey last month in an attempt to eventually lure Tom Brady to the Bay Area next season, as now-ex-wife Gisele’s exodus paired with his contract with Tampa running out could mean another chapter in Brady’s career being written elsewhere.

Check out the segment above as Colin believes Brady, a San Francisco area native, would be the last piece of the puzzle for the quarterback-starved Niners.

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