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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason the Colts Didn’t Hire a Black Head Coach

Photo: Rob Carr

Ian Rapoport: “Imagine being a very-qualified minority coach and seeing Jeff Saturday hired as interim coach with literally no experience besides being a high school coach in Georgia? It’s mind-boggling and if there is frustration around the league from really qualified assistants, coordinators, and especially from those who are minorities with this, certainly all of that is understandable.”

Jason Whitlock: “I totally disagree with everything Ian Rapoport [said], because if there is a minority coach that Ian Rapaport is suggesting, ‘OH MY GOD, THE COLTS HIRED JEFF SATURDAY, WHAT DOES IT SAY ABOUT MINORITIES!’ -- that whole statement is based on misinformation, disinformation, a lie, a false equivalency… When coaches get fired midseason like this they don’t go hire some coach off another team, or go and hire whoever is going to be their real coach the next season. They normally upgrade somebody from their current staff and give them that interim tag, and then they virtually NEVER hire that guy as the permanent head coach. Eric Bieniemy, Byron Leftwich, or whoever people have anointed as the next great Black coach on some other franchise didn’t just get pushed out of a job because Jeff Saturday took this interim label. It has no impact on them. If you want to argue that someone on that staff should be given that interim tag— WHO WANTS TO SIGN UP FOR THAT?? Particularly a young and up-and-coming Black coach. They have no quarterback. Matt Ryan is done and toast, and was a failure, Sam Ehlinger isn’t an NFL-quality quarterback, the offensive line can’t protect, and it’s terrible. I ran through the names on that staff – Reggie Wayne, Scotty Montgomery – what they’re signing up for is to put ‘1-7’ or ‘0-8’ on their record. That’s what they would be signing up for. Nobody wants to do that. Do you go with John Fox or Gus Bradley? Perhaps, but if you go with Gus Bradley, their defensive coordinator, the Colts defense is actually playing pretty well, if he becomes the head coach maybe it disrupts their defense and it falls apart because he’s now the head coach and he’s more multitasking. John Fox is an old fossil. He’s had his shots and they don’t wanna go that route. Jeff Saturday is there to take these L’s as they tank for a quarterback and then he gets to run back to ESPN and no one will care. Or maybe he catches lightning in a bottle and they go 8-0 or 6-2 and he does become their coach. But no one is really counting on that. This guy signed up to take those L's.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock discuss the Indianapolis Colts shockingly naming former Colts All-Pro lineman turned ESPN football broadcaster Jeff Saturday as their interim head coach in the wake of Frank Reich’s firing, as Jason explains why he doesn’t understand why the media is once again labeling it a travesty to Black head coaching candidates.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why nobody should want this job for the rest of the season, and why Saturday is simply a sacrificial lamb to absorb the hopeless Colts tanking the rest of their season.

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