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Jason Whitlock: The Real Reason Kyrie Irving is Under Attack From the Media

Jason Whitlock: “Help me understand this… He re-tweeted something. There is no sentence, he didn’t make any statement, he re-tweeted something. This has sparked THIS much outrage... Why?? I tried to watch the documentary. It’s a bad documentary. It’s boring, it’s impossible to follow, it’s three hours and thirty minutes. I made it through the first 75 minutes only because I’m a glutton for punishment… The only thing interesting about Ronald Dalton’s documentary is the insane overreaction to it. The overreaction makes me want to rewatch it and try to discern why a Kyrie tweet has THIS kind of importance. We want to suspend Kyrie Irving over a tweet that doesn’t contain one word that he wrote? REALLY? This makes no sense. It cannot be the documentary. The doc is way too easy to ignore for this kind of outrage. My tinfoil hat tells me that Kyrie is loathed by the globalists and their corporate media puppets because the system is doing everything in its power to prevent Irving from inspiring other athletes to think for themselves. The ‘system’ prefers LeBron James and Colin Kaepernick— athletes who do exactly what their handlers tell them to do. Kyrie refused to take the jab [COVID vaccine], that’s his real offense. NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and NFL Commissioner Adam Silver bullied football and basketball players into taking the experimental medical trials that were advertised as vaccines. Pro athletes have every right to be outraged. The experimental medical trials were at best useless, and if worse, harmful. Irving refused to be bullied. Judging by his re-tweet of Alex Jones, Irving likely heated Jones’ warnings about the so-called ‘vaccine’. Alex Jones is a threat to the globalist propaganda machine. Kyrie is seeking information outside the approved sources, and he’s being punished for that. I like Charles Barkley, I respect Charles, I consider him a friend, and a well-intentioned American, however, I’m highly suspicious of any broadcaster on any television network who earns more than $3 or $4 million a year whose first name isn’t ‘Tucker.’ Anyone making more than $10 million a year not named Tucker has been led into the ‘cult’. Everybody else in corporate media is basically on the waiting list to join the cult. They all took the jab and it’s their job to punish any high-profile person who didn’t take the jab. If Kyrie goes unpunished then the narrative gatekeepers worry that Kevin Durant, Patrick Mahomes, or some other Black athlete might start questioning the wisdom of his handlers. I have yet to see one gatekeeper argue that Amazon should be held responsible for selling ‘Hebrews to Negroes.’ Amazon, not Kyrie, owns the platform profiting from the documentary. I don’t get it… but I do get it. I think it’s about the jab. Call me a conspiracy theorist, say I got my tinfoil hat on, but these guys are paid millions of dollars – all these influencers, all these NBA players, all these professional athletes – they’re paid millions of dollars to be narrative gatekeepers. Kyrie has gone off-track, Kanye West went off-track, Dave Chappelle went off-track and they’re all being punished.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain his theory on what he thinks is really the culprit behind Kyrie Irving’s public evisceration at the hands of the NBA and mainstream media this week, as Whitlock believes Irving’s condemnation has a lot more to do than just Irving re-tweeting a link to a controversial Amazon documentary that is being called anti-Semitic.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he thinks Irving is being railroaded by corporate elites still livid that Irving refused to peddle their shady narrative on the COVID-19 vaccine last year.

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