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Jason Whitlock: The American Lie that is Ruining Tom Brady's Career

Jason Whitlock: “The biggest lie destroying America is the belief that we can have it all and that we’re entitled to everything that we feel. The belief undergirds the transgender movement, same-sex marriage, drag queen story hour, feminism, the matriarchy, critical race theory, reparations, diversity, inclusion, and equity… and also the collapse of Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Maybe new head coach Todd Bowles deserves some of the blame but I don’t see it. The fall of the Bucs is on their 7-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback. Tom Brady thought he could have it all— an endless football career, supermodel wife, kids, and more fun and autonomy on the football field than Bill Belichick allows. He had all of that for one year. Two years ago he won a Super Bowl title in Tampa and proved for a MOMENT that he was bigger and more important than Belichick’s highly structured New England system. That’s the thing about a good lie— it mimics the truth before revealing its ugly consequences. You can’t have it all. Adam and Eve learned this in the Garden. A properly functioning human, family, society, and football team all require limits. Brady has greatly exceeded his limits. He can still play the game at a relatively high level. His fall isn’t on ‘Father Time’, it’s a result of his unchecked desire to have it all. The desire to have it all causes man to reject his most important covenants. Adam and Eve disobeyed God because they wanted it all, Brady sacrificed his marriage covenant to continue on as a football player while simultaneously sacrificing his football covenant to spend more time with his wife and kids. Brady become the most accomplished football player of all time because of his willingness to submit to Belichick’s ‘no one above the team’ culture, but he left New England so he could be above the team. The most ‘ALL IN’ player of all time is now a part-time player and only works on Sundays. Brady’s mentality and approach have spoiled Tampa’s culture. The 52 other players on the roster are following their on-field leader. Brady ate the forbidden fruit of entitlement and privilege and now everyone on Tampa’s roster wants a bite. There is a lesson here for all of us. Tampa Bay is America— the most accomplished country in the history of the planet. America is dying from a culture of entitlement and the belief that everything is for everybody. Whatever we feel, we believe we should have. Bruce Jenner believes he’s a woman. He underwent several surgeries and changed his name to create the false reality that he’s a woman. He dates women. He wants it all. It’s all a slippery slope straight to hell and chaos. The unchecked desire to have whatever the mind conceives leads to anarchy. There is no magic pill to prevent the consequences of gluttony and disobedience. You can only delay the suffering. It’s not a coincidence that Tom Brady’s career and his family is collapsing at the same time. He violated sacred covenants in pursuit of a football legacy that could go no higher. Men need to quit lying to themselves and adopting the mindset of feminist women. Real men accept the proper limitations on their desires and live accordingly. It’s okay if you previously failed to live as a real man, I certainly made that mistake. I pursued everything that I desired to excess. It’s not too late to change… The Bucs hope Tom Brady does.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he thinks there is an ‘American lie’ that is destroying the NFL career of Tom Brady, as Whitlock doesn’t believe ‘Father Time’ is the culprit behind Brady’s dud of a season, but rather the manifestation of a poisonous trend that has inflicted much of American society.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why this phenomenon is beginning to deface our favorite athletes and sports leagues.

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