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Jay Glazer Talks McCaffrey Deal, Says Panthers Called Him About Sean Payton

Photo: Ezra Shaw

Jay Glazer: “Christian McCaffrey is one of the most talented running backs in the NFL if he can stay healthy, so a team like San Francisco? The Rams were in it, 49ers were in it, Denver had called about him, there had been a lot of teams who were calling about him. What Carolina is trying to do right now is they’re trying to load up on all these draft picks to make their job [head coach position] agreeable and approachable to a new head coach. They already reached out to me, ‘hey, would Sean Payton be interested?’ I don’t see Sean going there, no, I don’t. A guy like Sean, they do want to go big next year, they don’t want a defensive coach, they don’t want a college coach, who can they get offensively? They’d love a guy like Sean. When I talked to their GM Scott Fitterer and talked to the other guys in there I said ‘hey man, load up on those picks because those picks will be very, very attractive to a new head coach, and some of those veteran players aren’t as attractive as those picks are. Look, they got a bunch of Matt Rhule picks in there, and they like a lot of their young defensive players, but I told them too, ‘listen, if someone is going to give you the world for [Derrick] Brown, or Burns, or somebody, GO FOR IT, start over with somebody new’. Don’t get married to somebody else’s talent and I know teams are calling about guys like that… Sean Payton would be a good start but it ain’t happening. He ain’t going there. So Carolina Panther fan, SEAN PAYTON IS NOT GOING TO BE YOUR NEXT HEAD COACH. But they literally did reach out to me to ask Sean and his interest. Then I asked Sean and I told him the interest. CAROLINA PANTHERS, SEAN PAYTON WILL NOT BE YOUR NEXT HEAD COACH.” (Full Segment Above)

Listen to Fox Sports NFL insider Jay Glazer join Fox Sports Radio’s The Jason Smith Show with Mike Harmon to discuss the breaking NFL news late Thursday night regarding Christian McCaffrey’s trade to the 49ers, and talks not only Carolina’s plan for a rebuild, but also their interest in Sean Payton.

Check out the segment above as Jay says that Panthers GM Scott Fitterer literally reached out to him wanting to know if Payton would have any interest in taking their head coach position, with Matt Rhule’s exodus establishing an opening in a shaky NFC South that Payton had coached in for 15 years.

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