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Chris Broussard and Rob Parker Say Tom Brady is 'Undermining' Todd Bowles

Photo: Joe Sargent

Chris Broussard: “Bill Belichick wasn’t at Robert Kraft’s wedding because they obviously had to play football and they could celebrate another time, and obviously Kraft understood. No current Patriots were at the wedding. To me, this undermines Todd Bowles in the eyes of the other players, and I think it takes away from Tom Brady’s authority. Obviously, Brady is the GOAT and I think everybody in that locker room respects him but is doesn’t matter WHO you are— we saw it with Michael Jordan. His last year in Washington, players who had grown up idolizing him couldn’t stand him. Not because he wasn’t working hard but just the attitude he was bringing, and they can do the same with Tom Brady. It’s undermining his own authority in the locker room and his ability to lead. Everybody knows he hasn’t been doing this for the past 21-22 years and now all of a sudden you’re doing it? Would you do it with Belichick? Would you do it with Arians? It’s a subtly negative for the team that does show up on the field in certain ways.”
Rob Parker: “Todd Bowles, shame on you. Ultimately Bowles is going to be the one held responsible when other players decide they want to do their own thing as well. Bill Belichick and no other active player even went to the wedding, THEY’RE WORKING, CHRIS! I’ve heard Brady say that he missed birthdays, weddings, and funerals for the last 20 years and now he’s going to a Saturday night wedding in New York? Tom Brady is not in, and Todd Bowles can’t ask everybody else to be in when you’re quarterback is not in. Tom Brady has made it very clear that he’s OUT. ‘F U GUYS, IMMA DO WHAT I WANNA DO!’ Everybody is going through family issues with kids and the wife, he’s not the only one. And then to have a piss poor performance against a bad team? The only players who went were FORMER players. No active player is going to a wedding Saturday night before a game. That’s total disrespect to Todd Bowles and all his teammates, and then to have the nerve to chastise them and berate them for not playing well. That takes some balls.”

Watch Chris Broussard and Rob Parker rip Tom Brady for ‘undermining’ Buccaneers head coach Todd Bowles’ authority with his recent excused absence that came at Robert Kraft’s Saturday night wedding in New York City just hours before their 1 pm ET Sunday game in Pittsburgh.

Check out the segment above as Broussard and Parker call out Brady for having the nerve to berate his Bucs teammates during the embarrassing loss to the Steelers when he was the one who didn’t seem very interested in being engaged in the days leading up to the game.

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