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Jason Whitlock Says This 'Beta Male' is Trying to Ruin the NFL

Jason Whitlock: “Quit blaming the referees for ruining the NFL. Take Jerome Boger and Carl Jeffers out of your crosshairs. The lead officials flagging defensive linemen for roughing the passer are soldiers following orders handed down from up high. The players, current and former, are responsible for undermining the integrity of NFL competition and feminizing the game. The players choose DeMaurice Smith, a beta male with a subversive agenda to lead their union. The players swallowed the anti-Gene Upshaw narrative and decided that the NFLPA needed an executive director with no connection to or passion for football. They prioritized leadership that would be adversarial with ownership, aligned with progressive politics, and willing to rage a race war with an industry that produces more Black male millionaires than any other. Useful idiots elected a Trojan horse to lead them. Player’s safety defined Smith a 13-year leadership platform. Like all Marxist ideas, Smith’s platform uses the skin of truth to hide the meat of a lie. He paves the road to hell with alleged good intentions; he wants to make football safer. It’s a virtuous goal but it has its limits. It’s the equivalent of making carrot cake less fattening. You remove the frosting, brown sugar, flour, cream cheese, and butter and before you know it you’re closer to making coleslaw than cake. The enemies of masculinity hate football and its perch atop American popular culture. They’re waging a long war to turn football into soccer, a sport played at a high level by men and women. Smith serves that agenda. A DC lawyer, Smith is the antithesis of his predecessor, Upshaw. A Hall of Fame NFL player who innately understood the essence of football. The game sells gladiator violence to an audience that loves high-risk competition. Upshaw fought for players to earn as much money as possible in exchange for taking the physical risks. He was not unconcerned with the health of players, he simply understood the league’s TV partners sell cake, not coleslaw. Who led the overreaction to Tua Tagovailoa’s concussion? DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA. Smith called for a full investigation into how the Miami Dolphins handled Tua’s injury in a game against the Bills. Throughout the history of professional and amateur football, players have returned to games after suffering an injury MILLIONS of times, it’s not remotely uncommon. Over the last decade, as corporate media have used CTE junk science to undermine football participation, every time a football player gets his bell rung it’s treated as a possible life and death situation. The same thing we celebrate in boxing or MMA we villainize on the football field. We pretend that 70% of men who participated in football past high school are at risk of developing dementia by age 60. It’s media-induced madness similar to the fear mainstream media fomented around the COVID flu. The real pandemic is fear, we’re being programmed to fear football. DeMaurice Smith is football’s Anthony Fauci, ESPN is CNN. The NFL’s concussion protocol is the N95 mask. Who campaigned for the NFL to immediately adjust its concussion protocol after Tua suffered head trauma or a spinal injury on Thursday Night Football against the Bengals? DeMaurice Smith and the NFLPA. Who is ultimately responsible for referees Jerome Boger and Carl Jeffers flagging Grady Jarrett and Chris Jones for roughing the passer on routine and harmless football plays? Smith and the NFLPA. They caused the hysteria that is rapidly changing the game of football… DeMaurice Smith is football’s Lyndon Johnson, player’s safety is the Great Society initiative, the concussion protocol is welfare, and all the beta males chirping on ESPN are welfare queens.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain who he thinks is the main culprit behind the ‘feminization’ of football, as Whitlock says fans should not be blaming the referees for ‘ruining’ the NFL.

Check out the video above as Whitlock details how ‘beta male’ DeMaurice Smith, the Executive Director of the NFL Players Association, is the reason for the league suddenly trying to rid itself of masculinity and bend the knee to a far-left opposition that wants to see the sport fail.