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Jason Whitlock Says 'Glass Joe' Tua Tagovailoa Needs to Retire From the NFL

Jason Whitlock: “Should Tua Tagovailoa play professional football? His injury history suggests that the talented left-hander doesn’t have the physical makeup to survive in the NFL. While starting at Alabama Tua suffered broken fingers, knee and ankle sprains, and a devastating hip injury. Since joining the NFL the 24-year-old Dolphins quarterback broke a thumb, a finger, endured a rib fracture, and in his last two games he’s been removed twice; the last time on a stretcher… Three days after doctors carted Tua Tagovailoa off the field, NFL teams benched at least a dozen players because of the concussion protocols. Yahoo Sports called it the ‘Tua Effect.’ The ‘Blue checkmarks’ call it PROGRESS. I call it what it is – stupidity. You don’t change football because Tua Tagovailoa is ‘Glass Joe.’ You guys remember Glass Joe from the Nintendo ‘Punch-out’ game? He was a 38-year-old French flyweight with a record of 1 win and 99 losses. He was the ultimate beta male and fashionista. He was the first opponent a gamer would face on his way to the title. I’m not calling Tua a ‘beta’, he’s not, Tua has a heart for the game of football, he’s just not built for it. He’s small and brittle. He can’t take a punch. Tua Tagovailoa needs to retire. Football doesn’t need to be further softened because Tua’s genetics make him a bad fit for the NFL… The media botched the reaction to Tua’s injury. We spent the weekend blaming the Dolphins and the NFL for Tua’s genetic shortcomings. There is no proof that what happened to Tua on Thursday was connected to what happened to him four days earlier, NONE. That’s pure speculation. What we know is Tua gets hurt a lot playing football. We know he’s not an ideal size for his position and he doesn’t appear particularly strong. Lamar Jackson takes more hits, he doesn’t miss games. Nothing perverts logic and nuanced conversation quite like social media. It empowers emotional thinkers and baits logical people to abandon reason. It demands that we vilify certain people based on their race, wealth, authority, and gender, and certain industries based on their relationship to masculinity and popularity. Football is the bad guy. We can watch boxers and UFC fighters get concussed in the ring or Octagon and applaud loudly when they shake it off and continue to fight. Over the weekend I watched Larry Holmes’ 1978 fight against Ernie Shavers. Shavers rocked Holmes with a right hand in the 11th round. Holmes collapsed to the canvas, got on his feet, stumbled around the ring for the rest of the round, and survived to win the fight. My takeaway was that Holmes was a much greater champion than he’s given credit. I didn’t re-watch the fight and think ‘BOXING NEEDS TO CHANGE! THEY NEED A CONCUSSION PROTOCOL!’ Why are we more concerned about the health of football players than fighters? On social media, it's because ‘concern’ is attached to ‘agenda’, not humanity.” (Full Video Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock of ‘Fearless’ explain why he thinks Tua Tagovailoa needs to retire from the NFL, as Whitlock compares the concussed Dolphins quarterback to ‘Glass Joe’, the flimsy tomato can boxing character from Nintendo’s notorious 1984 arcade game ‘Punch-Out!!’”

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why he doesn’t think the sport of football should be getting attacked and ultimately 'softened' just because Tua’s 'small and feeble genetics’ have led to such mentally jarring injuries the last two weeks.

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