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Colin Cowherd Admits He Was Wrong About Jalen Hurts

Colin Cowherd: “At Oklahoma, Baker was going to be a star, Kyler was going to be a star, and Jalen Hurts came in after being benched at Alabama and everyone was just kind of like ‘ehhh, he’s a COLLEGE quarterback.’ Not big enough, he’s not very accurate, [whispering] ‘he’s a college quarterback, he got benched at Alabama’… And now he’s the star. Kyler is moody and doesn’t want to run, Baker – good luck with that, and Jalen Hurts is the rock star. Look at what Jalen Hurts was when he came into this league and look at his trajectory, that is WORK. Year 1 52% completion percentage, to 61%, to 67%. Passing yards 220 to 305. Passer rating is insane [77.2 to 106.5]. You know who that looks like in three years as a starter? Josh Allen. I remember saying when Josh Allen came out of college, ‘huge bust potential, not accurate, out of control’. I watched him played Oregon and Iowa and I’m like ‘he’s a hot mess. He’s got a good arm but God, is he out of control.’ Josh Allen got good coaching, offensive coaching, Brian Daboll, worked his tail off, worked in the dark, stuff you didn’t see. People doubted Josh Allen and it’s the exact story same story with Jalen Hurts. It’s the exact same trajectory. With Allen and Hurts they make that first big leap and it’s like ‘OK, that’s it’ and then they make another huge leap. You can’t tell me that’s not about chip on the shoulder and not hard work. I think Jalen Hurts is a great story. First impressions are incredibly powerful. Nick Sirianni looked like a goofball at the podium and I wrote him off. I was like ‘this guy is terrified, how is he going to talk in front of 55 alpha males, he’s terrible.’ And I wrote off Jalen Hurts, I was like ‘he’s too small, I watched him in college, and he’s not accurate.’ The trajectory for him and Josh Allen is insane, it’s straight up.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd discuss the colossal rise of Jalen Hurts from derided backup quarterback to NFL MVP frontrunner, as Colin admits that he got it wrong when evaluating Hurts' potential coming off a college career in which he infamously transferred from Alabama because he lost his starting job to Tua Tagovailoa.

Check out the segment above as Colin explains how Hurts’ rise to stardom is nearly identical to Josh Allen’s.

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