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Jason Whitlock: Dawn Staley Used 'Black Privilege' To Try and Cancel BYU

Jason Whitlock: “No one has ever leveled these kinds of accusations and nobody has certainly taken these types of actions, ‘oh, we can’t play at BYU because it’s so racially hostile there.’ The Athletic Director hoped by apologizing it would all just go away and everyone would move on quickly, but that’s not how things work. Once you bend that knee, they say ‘well, hold on, stay down there while you’re on your knee, there’s some business I want you to handle while you’re down there.’ Dawn Staley was like ‘we got someone bent over and there’s a gangbang going on’ so she’s coming in to hop in on it. Her privilege – only a Black woman could get away with that at this time. She’s getting paid quite a bit, $3-$4 million at South Carolina and she’s used her privilege – Black, gay, female, the whole nine, to get that money… Everybody is afraid to challenge her because if you challenge her you’re ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, or ‘homophobic’ so her logic has never been challenged. She’s bullied South Carolina into paying her far more than she’s actually worth, and I know she’s had success but she’s not worth that based on the math of the money that they’re generating. I’m happy that there are some politicians in South Carolina who are asking some questions. What is the standard? We’re going to cancel games because at a volleyball match that you weren’t at and nobody was at, it’s televised, there’s no proof that at a volleyball match something happened, and therefore I can’t play at BYU. Based on all my research she made this decision without consulting anybody. She woke up and said ‘this is what I want to do’ and the athletic director is so afraid of her, he’s not going to challenge her because, again, if you challenge her you’re ‘racist’, ‘sexist’, or ‘homophobic.’ You don’t just get to take this kind of dump on BYU without consulting the other interested, concerned, and accountable partners that you’re allegedly working with. South Carolina, women’s college sports, the media; they have created Frankenstein, and eventually, Dawn Staley is going to turn on her boss and anybody else she feels gets in her way of how much money she thinks she deserves.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock call out South Carolina women’s basketball coach Dawn Staley for her role in getting their upcoming basketball series vs. BYU cancelled after a Duke volleyball player last month alleged that she heard fans yelling racial slurs at her from the BYU student section.

BYU would carry out an investigation into the incident, later concluding that they found zero evidence – either from footage of the actual telecast or eyewitness testimony – to support Duke player Rachel Richardson’s accusations, however, Staley still hasn't budged in her condemnation of BYU.

'I continue to stand by my position. After my personal research, I made a decision for the well-being of my team. I regret that my university, my athletics director Ray Tanner and others got drawn into the criticism of a choice that I made.' - Dawn Staley

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details how Staley’s ‘privilege’ has made everyone at South Carolina scared to ever question her for fear of being labeled 'racist', 'sexist', or 'homophobic.'

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