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Why the United States Doesn't Care About Brittney Griner

Jason Whitlock: “America should be writhing in empathy for Brittney Griner, but instead we’re mostly indifferent. Why? The answer is complicated. Race and sex play a role, but not in the way Griner’s loudest supporters argue. The truth is, the identity politics movement is the reason Griner is caught in a Cold War game that used to be reserved for men only. She’s a victim of the feminist movement that states there is no difference between Brittney Griner and John McCain. The feminist movement redefined the rules of engagement, we no longer protect women and children first, we mark Griner and other women as fair game, and now we will pay an inflated price for her release. The US has offered a convicted arms dealer for Griner and a US Marine Paul Whelan. That’s a really bad deal for America and it’s only being offered because Griner is Black, gay, and a woman, and the regime backing Biden is a slave to identity politics. Russia knows this, and that’s why, according to reports, they’re insisting America sweeten an already bad deal. This is embarrassing and it partially explains the indifference to Griner’s plight. The rest of the explanation resides in our own corrupt justice system. It’s difficult to muster outrage at the unfairness and harshness of the Russian courts when our own system has fully embraced a harshness and one-sided political motivation. We’re no better than Putin and Russia. Our courts and media have defined Trump supporters as insurrectionists and terrorists. We jailed a 69-year-old grandmother with cancer for 60 days because she attended the January 6th protest, and took videos while trespassing in the capitol. She did nothing violent. A policeman murdered Ashli Babbitt on Jan. 6th and has been lauded as ‘courageous’. Babbitt was unarmed and posed no threat. On the same day Russia sentenced Griner, our Department of Justice announced the arrest of four Louisville police officers for violating the civil rights of Breonna Taylor. It’s a tragedy what happened to Taylor but her boyfriend shot a police officer before the officers fired into her apartment and killed her… Our court systems are a mess. There is no consistent logic or set of laws driving from what we see from our courts. This includes our civil courts. I don’t fully comprehend what is happening to Alex Jones, but a politically motivated judge appears to be crucifying Jones for formulating a looney opinion on Sandy Hook… I don’t have a problem with Jones facing consequences, my problem is with the judge seeming to assist the prosecution of Jones. It creates the appearance that she doesn’t like Jones’ politics. When everything is politics, we lose empathy for all political prisoners. The indifference to Brittney Griner’s plight is matched by the indifference to Alex Jones’ plight.” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Jason Whitlock explain why he thinks the Brittney Griner saga is being met with a high dose of indifference in the United States, as Whitlock has theories as to why Griner’s imprisonment in Russia has been polarizing.

Check out the segment above as Whitlock details why identity politics coupled with a divisive American societal landscape are lowering empathy towards Griner.

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