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Colin Cowherd Says 'Creepy' Deshaun Watson Should Get 12-Game Suspension

Colin Cowherd: “I would take 6 and move it to 12. I would give Deshaun Watson six games for a preponderance of evidence that he’s creepy and inappropriate, and then I would give him six for lying because he’s never been honest about this. You can lie to a lot of people in America but don’t lie to judges. Roger Goodell is essentially saying YOU’RE going to take the hit for this, NOT the league, and NOT me. I’m protecting the brand, I’m protecting the shield, I’m protecting the league, we are going to get the strongest punishment possible, and we may lose in court – doubt it – but we may lose in court, and when we do we can look our fans, consumers, advertisers, and TV networks in the eye and say ‘WE WERE ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THIS.’ Goodell is smart, and I think he has always been underrated by the fans and the media. This is one of the hardest businesses in the world. It’s the biggest pro league, it’s got 32 needy billionaires, many of your employees are rock stars in America, and you have to doll out punishment occasionally. Roger has missed a couple of times and been tone deaf – men are often tone deaf – and I think he knows it, and he said ‘I’ve got about 10-12 years left on this and I’m going to correct that.’ According to people I trust, he says Roger Goodell does not want him playing in Week 12. Twelve was the minimum number of games that the NFL wanted. I would double the six-game suspension. You gotta pay a price for lying to a judge. I like what the league is doing; they’re saying ‘OK, we’re going to go all in on this. If we lose, OK… Advertisers, networks, fans, WOMEN… we may lose in court but we were on the right side of this.’” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd explain why he agrees with the NFL appealing Deshaun Watson’s six-game suspension, saying he would double it to 12 games.

Check out the segment above as Colin says the NFL has to go to bat for its advertisers, partners, fans, and most importantly, FEMALE fans, by showing that they’re on the right side of history against a player rampantly accused of sexual assault.

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