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Kyler Murray Robbed the Cardinals of $230.5 Million

Ben Maller: “On the Maller report card this deal gets an ‘F’ for the Cardinals. Kyler Murray getting a bank heist contract from Arizona is mortifying. Raise your hand if you let out a guffaw when you heard the news. This is a belly laugh situation. The only people who would say this is a good day for the Cardinals are the low-information fans. The knowledgeable football people realize this is a fiasco. If you’re a fan of the 49ers, Rams, or Seahawks, you’re doing a happy dance right now. I’ll give Kyler Murray some credit, he absolutely played the Cardinals. It was a great shakedown and he knew that the Cardinals franchise is a weak franchise and that he could take advantage of them, and he shook them down to the tune of $160 million guaranteed. Kyler did it with equal parts public pouting, sulking, and whining, that’s all he had to do, and he got paid. He was caught on camera having a conniption fit while being poleaxed by the Rams in the worst playoff game I have seen in a generation from somebody who had the perception of being somewhat decent. Kyler Murray literally went out there and urinated at the midfield logo in a playoff game, and he then scrubbed his social media of the Cardinals logo. My favorite part was when he issued a very wordy manifesto/ransom note in all caps demanding a treasure chest, and sure enough, here we go. It was something like ‘I’M NOT EATING MY VEGETABLES UNTIL I GET PAID!’ Okay, Kyler, eat some broccoli, the Cardinals are going to pay you. Remember, sources around the team were leaking all kinds of stories about Kyler Murray and described him as a self-centered, immature athlete, and not a leader of men. You add all of that up and he ends up getting rewarded for his malfeasants. THAT’S the NFL in a nutshell right there. $160 million for a guy who went out and puked in a playoff game, sulked, pouted, and whined, and then issued a manifesto demanding money. All of that gets you $160 million. That’s your pro football right there, give a bounty for bad behavior, that’s what the Cardinals did.” (Full Audio Above)

Listen to Ben Maller of Fox Sports Radio explain why the NFC West should be celebrating Kyler Murray’s 5-year, $230.5 million extension with the Cardinals.

Check out the audio above as Maller details why he thinks Murray’s negotiations were a ‘shakedown’, and why he thinks Murray took advantage of a ‘weak’ Cardinals franchise.

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