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Colin Cowherd Blasts Nets For Trusting 'Divas' Kyrie Irving & Kevin Durant

Colin Cowherd: “According to reports, Kyrie Irving is preparing to settle back to Brooklyn because there is no market for him. Brooklyn three years ago was the belle of the ball and today it looks like the biggest mess in the league. Memo to NBA execs: you get what you seek. Meme to people: you attain what you want. If you attract a team full of egos and divas you’ll get attention and little else, and Brooklyn was always seeking attention. The Bucks sought a long-term deal with Giannis and continuity and it’s exactly what they have had. The Warriors seek culture and development. Brooklyn sought attention and they got it. The Nets knew exactly what they were getting. Kyrie could not play with Brad Stevens and Boston and blew that up. He was a bust because he was always hurt and difficult to get along with pre-LeBron, and then he got to LeBron and he left LeBron. There were no surprises here: hard to coach, difficult, his own guy, lot of ego; Kyrie is EXACTLY who you’d knew he would be. Then there was Kevin Durant and he delivered on everything he was: unbelievably gifted, one of the greatest shot-makers of any generation, and a wanderer. For God’s sake he left the Warriors when all he had to do was show up, shoot, and he’d win an NBA Finals and Finals MVP. James Harden is known as a quitter, someone who won’t go the extra mile and does not deliver in the postseason. SHOCKER, that’s exactly what he was. Look around sports, you will get what you seek and what the Nets were seeking, as the second-biggest basketball brand in New York behind the Knicks, was attention, and now if KD gets traded they’re reduced to Ben Simmons and Kyrie Irving, and officially the most enigmatic, question mark/mess in the NBA” (Full Segment Above)

Watch Colin Cowherd call out the Brooklyn Nets for the current hell hole their franchise is currently in, saying they were asking for it by selling their soul for three ‘diva’ players in Kevin Durant, Kyrie Irving, and James Harden.

Check out the video above as Colin explains why the Nets fell on their own sword just because of their selfish desires for attention in a city that has never fully embraced them.

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